MacBook ProMacBook ProMacBook ProLet’s start with a question: What kind of user are you? The MacBook Pro with Retina display can be purchased with a 13” screen or a 15” screen. There’s a difference in the price between the two but there’s more to the 15” model than screen size. MacBook Pro

MacBook ProMacBook ProIf you live in the Buffalo area, just come to our store at Eastern Hills Mall to see them for yourself.

With the 15″, you get:

  • Quad-core processor (vs. dual-core in the 13″)
  • Up to 16GB of RAM
  • A larger screen

MacBook ProThe 13″ gives you:

  • More portability – it’s smaller, and lighter
  • A bit more battery life (about 9 hours vs. 8 on the 15″)

The bottom line If you’re purchasing a Mac for web browsing, listening to music and gaming, you’re probably not going to need all of the power in the 15″. The 13″ will be more than enough. But if you’re the type of user who often works on more than one thing at once, for instance video editing and photo editing, you will notice the difference in the 15” model’s quad-core processor. If you want to save a little money and gain portability, you should purchase the 13” model. For optimum performance and graphics, the 15” MacBook Pro is the laptop for you. To learn more about the MacBook Pro with Retina display please visit our store in Eastern Hills Mall, or call us at 716-823-3085.