The Apple vs Microsoft debate has been going on for years. However, we can all agree that our choice of computer heavily depends on our preferences and needs. For writers, this is no exception. An Apple computer, particularly the MacBook Air, is a great choice for both novice writers and experienced professionals alike. Here are five reasons why writers should convert to the MacBook Air bandwagon.


The MacBook Air is one of the most portable laptops on the market. This makes it great for freelancers who work on a contract basis or any other writer who travels a lot. Because some writers find it best to write in different places to fight writer’s block, the MacBook Air is a great laptop for both airport travel or a short walk to your local coffee shop.

Battery Life

Not only is the MacBook Air portable, but it has battery life to last you any trip. With up to 12 hours of battery life, you will not be fighting over an outlet in public anymore. The MacBook Air ensures you have enough time to save your work and not worry about rationing your laptop’s energy.

Practical Powerhouse

The 2014 models of the MacBook Air currently feature a 1.4 GHz dual-core intel Core i5 processor with up to 2.7GHz on turbo boost. This makes the MacBook Air great for both work and play. Documents load fast and surfing the web runs smoothly, great for researching topics for your writing.


Many writers praise the MacBook Air’s keyboard for its durability and how well it accommodates fast typists. The keyboard may take some getting used to for PC users as the keys require much lighter input from the user. However, as users manage to type faster and faster, the MacBook Air becomes one of the best machines to work on.

Writing Software

There is more writing software on the Mac than there are for a PC. One of the most popular software programs in Scrivener, which has both a Mac and PC version. However, people have said that the Mac version has more features. As of now, it is likely that you can optimize your writing experience through a Mac more so than you can with a PC. Other writing software programs to consider for Mac users include Ulysses and OmniOutliner.

If you are a writer looking to make the switch or want to make the most of the use of your MacBook Air contact us for more information.