Released on September 30, your Mac is getting an upgrade.  The new operating system named El Capitan will be ready to go, making your Mac, once again, the latest and greatest machine for personal computing.

As a follow-up to the fantastic features and beautiful functionality of OS X Yosemite, OS X El Capitan improves machine performance and the user experience once again.

New Metal technology incorporated into the new OS X El Capitan enhances the performance of your machine faster than ever, making things like gaming much more fluid and enhanced. With improved video rendering and faster processing, users will be impressed with the new OS.

Split view is probably one of the more exciting features of the new operating system.  Although it’s been possible with a larger screen to open, size, and set two windows and work on two things concurrently, this new split view feature snaps quickly and easily into place so you can work with two screens at the same time. It’s also very easy to get back to your desktop, so you’re never far from what you’re used to seeing underneath.

The Spotlight feature is massively improved upon so that users can use a more natural language to find things, and it is more likely to know what you’re looking for. Not only that, you can move it around and resize it to meet your needs. You can also search the web using spotlight for videos, search for files or emails without trying to think like a computer to make it work.

A cool little feature on this new operating system is the cursor finding feature. If you can’t quite find your cursor on the screen, just shake your mouse or finger on the trackpad and the cursor will get bigger so you can see it easily.

Mission control is another exquisite feature being implemented in the El Capitan operating system. This feature allows the user to very quickly get an overall view of what you’re working on and find what you need super fast. A few swipes and you’re good to go.

There are so many new features with this operating system.  Maps now includes public transit and allows you to plan based on when you’re leaving as well as complex trips.  Notes now has checklists, and iCloud ensures all your devices sync. With notes you can also attach things like photos or things from other apps.

The new Photos allows you do edit easier, add more filters, and use texture effects.  It’s even easier to find and file away your photos using dates, albums, contents, and more.

Safari with the new OS will also offer something called Pinned Sites.  This allows you to keep your very favorite sites handy off to the left while working on other pages. You can also quickly mute all or one website if it’s got some of that auto-play going on.

That’s a lot of information.  Contact us to learn even more about this amazing new update from Apple for your Mac.