With the beautiful, long days of summer in full swing, you may spend some time soaking in the sun while trying to get some work done. Anyone who has tried to use a computer outside has dealt with the frustration of the sun shining on your screen making it impossible to see. Even trying to work as a passenger in your carpool or on a bus or train can be difficult when the sun hits the screen too brightly. Before you try to construct an elaborate computing tent, we have a helpful hint to help you work in all kinds of lighting conditions.

You can invert the screen colors on your MacBook Pro, and it will instantly be easier to see the screen while you work in direct sunlight. This tip also works well if you notice your eyes are getting sore and tired. Here’s how it works.

The first time you want to invert your screen you will have to go to Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Accessibility. Once you’re looking at your accessibility options check your “invert colors” box.  Then, when you want to invert the colors, use the shortcut command, option, control, 8. You can use this shortcut to invert the colors in strong sunlight and then use it again to switch back to a standard display when you go back indoors.

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