We offer several training options to best fit your need. We have one-on-one sessions called Only You, $39 for a full hour.  Our training sessions cover a variety of topics; see our list below for popular individual lessons!

Tech Bytes

While we are always here for your quick questions and to offer free advice, sometimes you just need a little more than 5 minutes. We offer you bite sized sessions of 25 minutes that are easier to digest. Your sanity is easily worth the $19.95 it costs for our in store session!

Free Seminars

Our workshops are designed to bring iOS, watchOS and Mac users up-to-date with iOS, watchOS and MacOS and their new features. The classes will also include a Q&A portion during which we will answer your specific questions. Click below to see upcoming classes.

Topics we cover

Intro to Max OS X     Windows on a Mac     Using Parental Controls

Email setup & use      Switching from PC to Mac     Microsoft Office

Syncing your devices     Backup solutions     Using an iPad or iPhone

Using Messages and FaceTime     Photos, iMovie, Garageband     iWork

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