Earlier this week, we talked about the benefits of RAM upgrades, which are an easy way to make your computer run faster. Today, we’re talking about hard drive upgrades, which also give you a ton of “bang for your buck” in terms of updating an older Mac, or getting the most out of your newer Mac. Here at MacSolutions Plus, we can install a new hard drive in your new Mac, typically within 24 hours, for a very affordable price.

There are two reasons you might need (or just want) a new hard drive:

  1. You’re running out of space. If you have a lot of photos, videos and songs – or any other large files – you may not have much space left on your hard drive. Think of it as a garage. The more you fill it up, the less space you have for new stuff. Plus, the more it’s filled, the harder it is for your computer to find a file when you need it.
  1. You want a faster computer. In most Macs (and most computers in general), the hard drive spins around inside your computer. In general, the faster it spins, the faster it can read and write data, and the faster your Mac will run.  

At MacSolutions Plus, we’ve found that Macs start to get slower the closer they are to the limit. Our rule of thumb is to always have at least 20% of your drive free – so if you have a 100-gigabyte drive and it’s 80 gigs full, it’s time to think about a new drive. (Click once on your hard drive, then do “Command I” to see your hard drive’s capacity, how much space is available, and how much you’ve used.) And don’t forget to think about a RAM upgrade at the same time to really boost your Mac’s performance.