“From the first-looks, I predict that the Mac Pro (Late 2013) will be the new status-symbol, C-level desktop of choice across the enterprise.” — David Morgenstern, ZDNet

Mac ProThe new Mac Pro hit the market on Thursday, December 19, 2013. According to the inaugural press release, “the all-new Mac Pro packs unprecedented performance into an aluminum enclosure that is just 10 inches tall and one-eighth the volume of the previous generation.”

The new Mac Pro is Mac’s top-of-the-line desktop powerhouse. Whereas its predecessor is a tall, rather heavy silver tower, the new Mac Pro model has a round black cylinder design. With a diameter of just 6.6 inches, the 11-pound new model employs a unified heatsink internal design, which cools the its processor and allows for its radically reduced size.

The Mac Pro power-efficient components, according to Mac, use less than half the ENERGY STAR limits for computers. In the idle mode it uses far less power (about 68%) than its predecessor. Without sacrificing computing muscle, the new Mac Pro runs quiet and cool even under the heaviest of loads, according to a recent tapscape review. The piece also praised the innovative design:

“This cooling-centric design is definitely one of the best on the market, especially for workstation computers.”

While radically innovative in its smaller design, new Mac Pro comes with some impressive power specs. Among other things, the Quad-Core model has a 3.7GHz processor with 12 gigs of DDR3 ECC memory (upgradable to 16 gigabytes). With plenty of USB3 and Thunderbolt display ports, the new Mac comes with dual AMD graphics processors for performance where it counts most: on your computer display.

The new Mac Pro is definitely at the high end of power computers, and is priced accordingly. So who should get one? High-end users looking for power-efficient state-of-the art computing right out of the box are ideal targets for the Mac Pro. The superior, yet elegant Mac OSX operating system alone is a good reason for abandoning Windows.

On the other hand, Windows users who have their data trapped in applications like the Access database, need not hesitate to upgrade and move over to the power of Mac Pro. Macs run the Windows operating system and applications elegantly and seamlessly through third-party virtual software like Parallels.

If your New Year’s resolution is to dump your hot running and slow PC, think about investing in a New Mac Pro. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your business workstations or want to enter the wonderful world of Mac personal computing, contact us. We’re locally owned Mac sales and service store and we’ll get you up and running.